Scope of application

The following terms and conditions apply to orders placed with end users for aerial photographs (photos, videos, miscellaneous) and processing which is given to us by a client in writing, verbally or in text form. We prefer the written form in the sense of the client, as possible transmission errors go to its expense. Deviations and special agreements shall only be effective in writing.

Priority for the fulfillment of the contract always has the security of the life and limb of all parties and the safety of the airspace, as well as the safety of the equipment used. The only decision-making authority is the local pilot and / or the competent authorities.

Parties involved, provision of services

AIRTEAM carries out orders of the customer for his own account and in his own name, either by his own or assigned employees or contractors (pilots).

Flight approval and cooperation

The pilots take care of the promotion permits for the respective state and / or the respective city or municipality. This is generally free of charge for the client. Exceptions: If special permits are required (eg for flights in nature reserves, over waterways, through third party locations, etc.), the client undertakes to cooperate with us and the authorities and to pay any costs incurred for turning permission or special usage.

Care & Change requests

The pilot and / or camera operator ensures the highest possible picture in the best possible setting, always in the interest of the customer. On the spot, the client can issue special requests or remedies. If the client does not like the image material after the execution of the order, this is not a defect. If the client has also chosen video editing or image processing, he has released a change round, as long as the conditions are preserved.

Cancellation and rescission

Our drones, multicopter, and microcopters can not, or only with, restrictions rise in rain, snowfall, thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind. In this case, we will offer you a discount for a follow-up order. Any additional costs for access, accommodation, special permits, etc. will be charged again. If on the spot the customer has made false or inaccurate information, which affects the recordings, prevent or make them impossible, this is at his expense.

In case of withdrawal from binding order placement up to one week prior to execution, 25% plus any travel days will have to be paid. From one week before to three days 50% plus possible travel day. Three days to 24 hours 75% plus possible travel days. 24 hours 100% plus possible travel day. If we withdraw from an order for reasons of aviation, no claims can be asserted against us.

Flight prohibitions

For legal reasons, drones may not be used anywhere. It is generally forbidden to use within: Airports, helicopter landing places and power stations. Furthermore, The flight over law enforcement institutions, military facilities, nature reserves and accidents. It is generally prohibited to use human beings, over busy streets and espionage or paparazzi tasks. The aircraft may be operated only between sunrise and sunset and must be flown in sight of the pilot.

Protection of third parties and liability

The client guarantees that no rights of third parties are infringed by his order, the execution and the possible publication. If, during the performance of the contract, the pilot becomes aware of the contract violating the law, he may immediately terminate the order at the expense of the customer and withhold and destroy the photographic material. The customer agrees to indemnify us against possible damages claims of third parties.


All our pilots are covered by an drone liability insurance. We are only liable for gross negligence or deliberate damage within the statutory provisions. Liability for simple negligence is excluded, except in cases of damage to body, health or life, as well as violations of the core obligations of the contract (cardinal obligations).

Prices, payment and usage rights

All our prices are subject to statutory value-added tax. The payment target is 14 days after invoice receipt and is payable without deductions. We do not allow any cash discount. After expiration of the statutory period of payment, we reserve the right to take legal action without notice. It is only after payment that the image right becomes the property of the customer. We reserve the right to use parts of the created material for our own advertising purposes.


The law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The exclusive jurisdiction for all legal disputes is Berlin.


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