What are the benefits of AIRTEAM?

  • 100% professional and experienced pilots
  • 100% safety with our commercial drone insurance
  • 100% permitted and legal flights
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – or you get your money back

Why should I use AIRTEAM drone services and not simply buy myself a drone?


Flying drones is basically like steering a remote control car. The only difference is that is it more complex due to the third dimension.  Therefore all AIRTEAM pilots have at least 100 hours of drone flight experience. They have learned to safely control the drones in different places and conditions. In addition to flying safely, it is also important know the the best camera settings and have experience in choosing the right perspectives. The perfect picture or video is created initially during flight, but really unique aerial images and videos are created only by professional post processing. It is basically like a remote control car to steer, but it is by the third dimension much more complex. Therefore, all AIRTEAM pilots have at least 100 hours of flight experience. They have learned to safely control the drones in different places and conditions.

How much do AIRTEAM drone services cost?

Please check our dedicated pricing page.

What is the price of requesting a flight from AIRTEAM?

Requesting a drone flight at AIRTEAM is generally free of charge. Send us a free request now

What happens if I am not satisfied with the aerial images and videos?

Due to the strict admission criteria for all our pilots, we are able to guarantee consistently high quality. Since we are 100% convinced by our pilots, all AIRTEAM customers receive a satisfaction guarantee.

What are the risks for me as a customer?

AIRTEAM beschäftigt nur professionelle und erfahrene Multicopter Piloten und daher besteht keine Risiko für unsere Kunden.

AIRTEAM employs only professional and experienced drone pilots and therefore there is no risk to our customers.

All AIRTEAM pilots:
– Commercial drone insurance
– drone flight authorisation for their respective state
– min 100 hours of flight experience
– All drone pilots are undergoing a rigorous flight procedure check via the AIRTEAM guidelines to check flight, camera and safety requirements.

Can I cancel an order with AIRTEAM?

Confirmed orders can be canceled free of charge up to 14 days before the flight date. Up to 7 days before the flight date, 50% will be charged. In the event of cancellation up to 24 hours before flight date, 75% will be charged and 100% of the order costs will be charged if canceled on the day of the scheduled flight date.

What happens in bad weather conditions?

The use of our drones, multicopter and microcopters is not possible or only possible with restrictions in the event of rain, snowfall, thunderstorms and strong wind gusts. A shift of the flight date due to the weather must be checked in advance and evaluated on a per case basis. The customer is responsible for the risk if our drones cannot fly due to bad weather on a dedicated flight date.

How can I become a drone pilot at AIRTEAM?

Just use the pilot request form to join AIRTEAM as drone pilot. Our employees will then contact you via e-mail and send you all required information to become an AIRTEAM drone pilot.


I own a multicopter, where can get further information?

A good starting point is www.dronelife.com with drone industry news, Airmap www.airmap.com with maps to inform you where you can fly and www.uavcoach.com/drone-laws/ to check the legal requirements in your country.

How it works



Send us your flight request either online, telephone or e-mail.



An experienced AIRTEAM drone pilot will do the flying according to your requirements.



You receive the aerial images/vide/data 48 hours after the flight via download link.

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